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Withering Minatory Agastopia

Another shameless self-promotion as many of you have seen the Facebook post about my new gallery representation. The BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, takes on a few new artists once a year to represent and I am now on the roster.

A little bit of a backstory here…I follow a few artists who create work not dissimilar to mine. One of them is represented by this gallery so I looked them up earlier in the year. Their website states that artist submissions are accepted only in June and July each year. OK, fine. So I made a calendar note back in February to submit some work sometime mid-June. Mid-June rolls around. Should I? I dunno. Is it a hassle? I dunno. I seem to sell my work fine from posting it on Facebook. I dunno. Maybe not. But I DO have a lot of work piling up in my studio. I keep making the damn stuff. I dunno. Maybe I will, just to see. Who knows? What do I have to lose? Just another in the long line of rejection notices, right? I dunno. Hmmm, we’re in July now. Guess I better decide. Oh, what the hell. I’ll write a quick note on their submission site:

Hi Nicole and Josh,
In looking over the work you exhibit in your gallery, I believe my wire wall sculptures would fit in quite nicely. One advantage of these pieces, besides being extremely cool and interesting, is that they are lightweight and easy to ship. Here is where you can view them:

Thank you for your consideration!
Cheers, Gary Mackender

Bajeebuz, I said my own work was cool and interesting. I’m never going to succeed at this game. What a loser…criminy. Then…

Hi Gary,
We agree! All of your artwork is extremely cool and interesting.
Blah, blah, blah, technical information…

Thanks for the introduction to your art!

Nicole Capozzi

D’oh…because I like to quote Homer……………………Simpson.

Obviously I am thrilled to have a legitimate gallery take notice of the work. We decided to start with the three wire sculptures pictured below. They should be arriving there today!


And Rudy Guiliani is still alive and shaving at the airport…no justice.

Six Republican appointed robed ones will sleep soundly in their homes tonight after deciding to strike down the CDC eviction moratorium yesterday. Despite a plea from the three liberal robed ones, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan, that “The public interest strongly favors respecting the CDC’s judgment at this moment, when over 90% of counties are experiencing high transmission rates,” the conservative robed ones feel quite compelled to rule against people who are struggling with pandemic related hardships.

Speaking of conservatives, wasn’t the angry orange to be reinstated last week, at least in Arizona? Cyber Ninjas and clown cars.


If you’re in Tucson tonight…photos by Phil Kelly!

The problem with communism.

And now…

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