Con’s Photo Work, Part 2

Meowville, Man

Just a quick post today of another round of Connie’s photos of our boys from over the years. Milo is still with us but we lost Mikey to illness a year ago January. Such is the cycle of life.

Mikey was our main Bagboy
Our Beautiful Boys – Milo and Mikey
Mikey was also the Dryerboy
Connie took a shot from the back while I shot from the office at the same moment
…and the bird incident with Mikey

And, as most of my friends our age are vaccinated, I’m feeling less reluctant to get out a bit. I’ve played music on and off with Mitzi Cowell for 30 years so it was only appropriate that my first drumming gig in over a year would be with her for an intimate backyard concert last Sunday. Karl Hoffmann joined up on bass (I’ve worked on and off with Karl for almost 40 years). Photo by Barbara Johnson, who was in town for a couple days visiting from Chattanooga.

And now…