Artifacts, Part 2

Objets de Vertu

Had a bit of a shock last week with temperatures in the high 90s in the Ol’ Pueblo. Don’t get me wrong…it gets fricking hot here, but still, high 90s in April? Gedoudahere. It did prompt me to climb up on the roof and reassemble the swamp cooler for the season.

I’ve noticed through Facebook posts that many folks in town have switched to AC only. Man, when it gets humid here in July-September, AC is the only way to go. But between now and late June, when the humidity is between 3-12% (higher for a bit in the mornings), nothing beats the cool breeze and moisture of a swamp cooler. You can have the house open and it blasts the entire house, the best of the offered worlds.

But right now we’ve got a bit of a reprieve from the blazing heat with temps in low 80s, high 70s. Perfecto.

Oh, wait, this is a post about Artifacts…

In 2007-2008 I had this idea of photographing my collection of small objects using a macro lens. I posted part 1 of the Artifacts series on March 1 and stated at the time that seeing the beauty in the everyday is why people ‘collect’ things, which was my primary motivation in this photography project.

So with that in mind, short and sweet, here are six more in the series that I hope you enjoy!

Speaking of stuff, here’s a couple I met in the Ozarks just south of the Missouri/Arkansas border, 1984. Their names have long escaped me but I sat down in the kitchen with the wife and she proceeded to show off her giant jars of tiny objects – nails, buttons, paper clips, etc. – that were found in chicken gullets from over forty years or so of butchering them. She kept them, of course.

And a moment of something…click!